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The Quality that Separates Top Performers and Highly Effective Individuals

The first day of the New Year is the time when people make resolutions. Goals are set with the intentions to make them happen. January is also the month in which these resolutions tend to dissipate for most. Compelling personal and professional goals get lost somewhere between the businesses of life and personal excuses.

What is the special quality that separates people who follow through with their yearly resolutions, compared to everyone else? It’s the same quality that separates all top-performing professionals, leaders, business owners and highly effective individuals, from others.


Not decision, but commitment in achieving their desired results. There is a distinct difference between these two words. A simple decision is prone to excuses. A commitment, on the other hand, means decision multiplied by focused, consistent action until the goal is accomplished. It means doing whatever it takes – always ethically and legally – until the desired result becomes a reality. There is no other way. There is just one way.

When we create Commitment through the power of our purpose and vision, we will always have the clarity, resolve and grit to reaching life’s highest peaks, more than simply keeping up with yearly resolutions. The path to fulfillment, excellence, effectiveness will likely be faster. Our journey towards our highest professional and personal aspirations will be more meaningful and enjoyable.

Commitment is the quality that separates top-performers and highly effective individuals. It’s also our guide.

George Haralampopoulos coaches leaders, entrepreneurs and aspiring individuals to free their hidden potential, improve their performance and live in alignment with their values, vision and purpose. Readers of his articles may also benefit by visiting his site at

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