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What is the Chamber and Why join?

We are the Chamber of Action but what you get out of the Chamber is about putting action to the activities that will give you the results you desire. Likewise, you’ll achieve better results by having a team of professionals to mentor and encourage you – your team includes the Chamber staff, Directors and an Ambassador mentor.

Who & Where?

The Chamber has over 700 business members from diverse industries, including 2,000 active participants, representing 6 affluent communities – Beverly Hills, Bingham Farms, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, Bloomfield Township and Franklin with over 25,000 households. Here’s an overview of our membership demographics.

What & How?

What? – The Chamber helps members develop their businesses in 6 key areas – exposure, resources, involvement, education, events and programs. Here’s an overview of our benefits in each of these key areas.

How?The Chamber teams up an Ambassador mentor with each new member to formulate an action plan that when executed will create the best possible environment to succeed and achieve a good return on your time and financial investment.

Why & When?

Why? – Members join the Chamber for their reasons not ours. We will design your Action Plan around your top 3 concerns you wish to address to grow your business.

When? –  If you’re ready to start growing your business with The Chamber of Action, you may complete the online application. Or, if you’d like to meet or talk first, CLICK HERE to complete the online request for additional information and our membership manager will contact you.

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