Birmingham Michigan

The City of Birmingham is a vibrant, prosperous community, with a population of almost 20,000. Covering only 4.73 square miles, the community is able to maintain the feel of a small town, while experiencing the benefits of an affluent urban area. The City has a lively, pedestrian-friendly downtown offering one of the Midwest’s premiere shopping districts. A diverse assortment of fine shops, restaurants, art galleries, antique dealers, and clothiers await visitors. No matter where you park, you can walk the entire shopping district or enjoy two hours of free parking in any of the municipal parking structures. Quarton Lake is nestled in the residential heart of the city. Its quiet banks, where ducks, geese and swans feel at home are a lovely place to take a stroll. Little folk and seniors are allowed to fish from the banks; in winter there is ice skating. In a city with so many cultural and recreational amenities this indeed is a place to “live, shop, and play.”